It is a group that has been dedicated to the enhancement of the theatrical skills and passions within young people in the community. Throughout its many years of practice, the group has impacted a variety of young people by creating a safe place for them to gain confidence in both the performing arts and, crucially, socially, as the members are given the opportunity to bond weekly with other members of society, many from different places with differing ages.

“It’s like being part of a family. You could interact with anyone and have a laugh” - Ben W

 Weekly on Wednesdays from 7-9pm in the Morley Green Room, juniors from the Junior Wotton Dramatic society attend group sessions.Within this time, they can expect to participate in a multitude of different, engaging and often amusing activities. These activities are carefully designed to challenge the group to broaden their theatrical horizons by practising a variety of performing arts techniques. Activities include voice and body exercises, improvisational work, characterisation exercises, and even devising short performances for the rest of the group. They build up confidence in each performer, as well as allow them to use their imagination to express themselves and to, most importantly, have fun and be comfortable in their own environment.

 Over its 45 years of thoughtful improvisation activities, rehearsals and character building experiences, the Junior Wotton Dramatic society has created a community for young people across the generations to enjoy freedom of expression and independence. This is crucial for developing adults in order for them to grow as individuals, which the group encourages. The society also allows the juniors to experience performing on stage, in successes such as ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’. In fact, the current head of the Junior society, Jane Parker, has grown up as a dedicated member. From her time as a junior to one of the most experienced and valued members of the society, she has helped shape Wotton Dramatic society into what it is today, and influences the younger members to do the same.

"She has had the pleasure of assisting many young and talented people on their road in life" - Jane P

Performances are a vital part of Wotton Dramatic society, allowing members of the Junior Dramatic Society to experience performing in the spotlight, as well as to be able to work alongside adult members of all ages from the Wotton Dramatic society.. These performances mean that current and past junior members of the society can develop their performance skills together and bond over their mutual dedication to creating entertaining pieces for a variety of audiences. The different capabilities and strengths of all actors involved in these performances always promises, just like the Junior Wotton Dramatic society itself, new and interesting experiences, such as in one of the more recent performances, ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’

“Wotton-under-Edge dramatics society has let me meet new people and also become involved with group productions within an area. This has helped me expand my performance skills to a wider audience and to work with a range of different people. It’s been extremely fun.” - Fin H

 During its time as a society, the group has expanded through its popularity to gain members in many areas of the county, allowing people to become connected through their love of drama. All members are made to feel valued and are given the responsibility to work well together, both in the weekly junior’s sessions, as well as on stage. This has created, and will continue to create, a dedicated group of young adults, who look forward to every Wednesday from 7-9pm to escape from the pressures of an ever more demanding society.

“Drama is something that brings everyone closer together. I know a lot of my friends were not keen when I told them about Wotton drama, because it was out of their comfort zone. But now, we all look forward to Wednesday evening. It's a place we can go to have fun, and meet new people. It's always guaranteed that by the time we leave, we have had a good time and laughed throughout the evening"- Meg C